Everyone’s a Critic

From nonfiction (with a Piedmont connection) to streaming, Exedra’s arts and culture reviewer answers the burning question: Is it worth my time?

The Docter is in

Piedmont filmmaker Pete Docter talks about music, philosophy, and the making of his daring new movie Soul

Out of the wreckage

After a terrible accident in Nov 2019, Piedmont's Max Becker tries to make sense of a year that took away almost as much as it gave back.

Tell us more, Kelly

Bestselling author and Exedra contributor Kelly Corrigan has been tapped to launch a new tv talk show this fall.

Who’s that Good Dog?

An SPCA rescue with a tough past, Nick happily bonded with his new family. Loves long hikes and singing along with the piano.

Who’s that Good Dog?

Rux happily sleeps in his crate and dutifully eats four slices of banana every morning before his walk.

Who’s that Good Dog?

7-month-old Zoe bonded fast with her family and now has FOMO ("fear of missing out") anytime she gets left behind.