2 thoughts on “A ‘full, layered, textured’ story: Being Black in Piedmont today

  1. Wonderful to hear about the Dearing story! Although the part about his experiences in Piedmont with the KKK were not so wonderul. The details are so meaningful in many ways and should be memorialized for sure! A plaque is an excellent suggestion! We are so devoid of an accurate history of being black in Piedmont and that should change. I almost thought my family’s experience was a “first” for Piedmont! Little did I know…until now!
    I am a 47 year old black woman who attended Beach Elementary School, PMS and PHS and graduated in 1994. I don’t know of any other PHS alums who are black and can say the same for a 12 year stint.
    I am currently writing a book partially on my experiences growing up black in Piedmont. I currently live in LA but visit my father Reginald E. Mitchell (Black Piedmont home owner, 1978-1999) frequently, who relocated from Piedmont to Oakland hills after I graduated from PHS. Would love to be involved to share my experiences any time.

  2. Appreciative of this important and informative series about living while Black in Piedmont. I am a 33 year resident, Black Woman and raised my 31 year old Daughter who is also Black. I would like to share our experiences.

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