3 thoughts on “City embraces anti-racist resolutions; apologizes for history, past practices

  1. How about Piedmont making their schools more diverse? Flying the BLM flag is lip service and no action. Piedmont implemented rules allowing kids with grandparents who live in live in Piedmont being able to attend their schools but guess what, the grand parents are not likely to be a diverse bunch.
    More creative rules such as a one mile rule from the schools in addition to Piedmont would promote diversity.

  2. Leesy, you’re absolutely right – I chose to acknowledge the Dearings as Piedmont’s first Black family, but there are many more recent such stories that need to be told. Since the Council meeting, I’ve since heard from some longtime Piedmonters who are Black about their experiences, including a horrific case of harrassment/unlawful arrest in the 1960s in your current and my former neighborhood. I’m sure more such stories will emerge. We’re committed as a City to doing this hard and difficult work and understand that this resolution is a necessary, but not sufficient, first step.

  3. This proclamation would have felt more real if the incidents of past racist City action had included the more recent police harassment of middle- and highschool students in the 2010-15 timeframe, alongside incidents more than 50 years ago. It is easy to apologize for things that took place long before most of us lived here as ‘somebody else’s doing that we need to do the right thing and apologize for’. It’s harder to look hard at police calls on PPD Blue or in the paper and wonder how many are racially motivated. Or to look at crime reports and see how often the race of the apprehended suspect is noted if the person is BIPOC and how much less often if white.

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