Where should Piedmont grow? City seeks input via interactive planning tool

On March 24, 2022, the city launched the Piedmont Housing Puzzle, an online and interactive planning tool that gives Piedmont community members the chance to imagine where they would locate the 587 new housing units assigned to Piedmont by the California Department of Housing and Community Development and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). Over 200 Piedmont community members have participated so far.

Residents have until May 1 to use the Piedmont Housing Puzzle to imagine where 587 new homes could be built. Participate here: https://piedmont.abalancingact.com/housingsim

Over 80 people attended the March 24 virtual community workshop hosted by the City of Piedmont about the next Housing Element sites. The City of Piedmont is preparing an update to the Piedmont Housing Element with the goal of enabling the construction of 587 new housing units, assigned to Piedmont by the State of California and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). The draft of the next Housing Element will be published in mid-April. The Housing Element does not obligate property owners to build.

The deadline to use the Piedmont Housing Puzzle to develop and submit a housing plan for the next Piedmont Housing Element is May 1, 2022. For more information, visit https://Piedmontishome.org.

On Friday, April 8, 2022, the City of Piedmont will publish the public review draft of the 6th Cycle Housing Element for 2023-2031 (Draft Housing Element) for review and comment by the community. The document will be posted to the City of Piedmont’s web site (https://piedmont.ca.gov) as well as to https://piedmontishome.org.

All members of the Piedmont community are invited to review the Draft Housing Element and provide comment using one of the following methods:

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Housing Element Update Timeline UPDATED
  • May 12, 2022: Special Planning Commission public hearing, starting at 5:30 pm.
  • June 2022: City Council public hearing.
  • May 2023: Deadline for adoption of the final draft of the updated Housing Element, date amended due to recent state law requiring additional review and longer comment periods.

3 thoughts on “Where should Piedmont grow? City seeks input via interactive planning tool

  1. I’d be happy to do an ADU if contractors would do them for a reasonable amount of money. 500k for under 1k sq ft is out of my league

  2. The socialistic/ Marxist movement in the state of California is alive and well.
    The government has mandated that Piedmont land be set aside to solve the housing problem.
    The thousands of acres of wide open spaces in Oakland are not to be touched.
    Do as you are told. Do not complain about government decrees. Sit when you are told to sit. Obey and you will be treated well.
    Ted Johnson

  3. PLEASE– not in lower Piedmont

    we r up 2 our nects & the last 2 receive capital improvements

    43 yrs as a resident so i speak from facts

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