Final READmont event is April 29

Urban Park Cleanup founder Vincent Ray Williams III (in red hat) on site of an encampment.

Please join us for the final READmont event on April 29. This community evening event from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m will feature a climate justice panel discussion.

Our main speaker is Vincent Williams of He is an Oakland resident and winner of the Jefferson Award for his work for the community.

Williams is a prime example of someone who has grown a volunteer organization that addresses both saving our environment and promoting social justice. Every Saturday he leads a group of volunteers in a park clean up. The only thing limiting his vision is funds for more garbage bags, clean up equipment and a truck to carry it all. During the week, he visits encampments of the unhoused. He tries to establish a rapport, find out what they would like help cleaning up, and what social services they need. He acts as a clearing house for available services. His dream is to establish social services hubs for the unhoused and the economically disadvantaged.

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