What’s the deal with…?

…this small ceramic tiger sculpture at the corner of the Sheridan – Caperton parklet?

A reader has walked by this whimsical artwork for a couple of years and is curious to learn its back story.

Another reader noted this small plaque in the same park:

If you know the origins of these little parklet markers, share your insights in the comments below or email us at news@piedmontexedra.com.

Update: While the origin of the tiger remains a mystery, longtime resident Fran Wolfe writes to say that she believes the Sheridan/Caperton parklet was a project of the Piedmont Garden Club in 1961. “My mother, Frances Bishopric, was a member of the Piedmont Garden Club and my father, Herman Bishopric, was an executive with Pacific Cement and Aggregates, Inc.,” Wolfe says. “He arranged for the donation of the concrete but I do not know who made the plaque.”


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