City says: Take a walk on the right side

Beautiful weather is drawing more people outdoors. Here’s a reminder from the City of Piedmont about how to be safe and mindful when out and about that was emailed to residents on April 15:

During this time of social distancing and shelter in place, getting out for a walk has become an important part of the day. Sidewalks are becoming our de facto roadways, and our sidewalks will be more traveled as the weather becomes increasingly inviting. 

Here are some best practices for walking and running when other people are around: 

Walk on the Right Side: Walk on the side of the street in the same direction of traffic. If we all follow that rule, there is less likelihood of oncoming walkers that need to be sidestepped. Treat the sidewalk as ‘one-way’.

Share the Road: If you’re traveling in a group of two or three people you live with, switch to single file when passing others, and if on a narrow sidewalk, walk single-file at all times.

Step Aside: Give special deference to people less agile than you: the elderly, those with wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers. They don’t have the same options to get out of your way.

Shorten the Leash: When walking your dog, be mindful that a leash stretched across the sidewalk can make passing hard and may be a potential tripping hazard.

Save Sidewalks for Walking: If you’re adult using a scooter, hoverboard, skateboard, or bike, stay in the bike lane; if you’re a child using a wheeled mode of transport, stay on the sidewalk with caution, with the considerations for others given above. 

If You’re a Runner: It is even more incumbent on you to anticipate and avoid others; you’re moving at a faster pace than they may be able to react.

Consider Walking at Off-times: Many folks want to walk in the evening, after dinner or a day of working at home. Try choosing a less trafficked time.

If You’re Walking on a Street with No Sidewalk: Walk on the side of the street opposite the flow of traffic. This may seem counter-intuitive to the advice listed here, but rules of the road dictate this for greatest visibility and safety.  


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