Piedmont rowers shine at Youth Nationals

The Mens Youth 4-boat earned the Strokes their 24th national title.

The Oakland Strokes rowing club competed at the U.S. Rowing Youth National Championships on June 6-9 at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida. The results were overwhelmingly positive with several Piedmont athletes coming through.

“The Oakland women have demonstrated the depth of our strength and skill,” women’s coach and Piedmont resident Allison Ray said. “More importantly, we have witnessed how 36 athletes can support each other in every way. Building a team requires trust and passion. I’m immensely proud of all of them.”

The Mens Youth 4-boat earned the Strokes their 24th national title, winning in six minutes, 29.90 seconds. Piedmont High School senior Zachary Feldstein was joined by Graham Young, Aemon Morlan and Logan Raymond on the podium.

Strokes men’s coach Jovan Jovanovich said, “This victory is a testament to our athletes’ hard work and dedication. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

The Mens Youth 8+ boat took third in 5:54.36, behind winner RowAmerica Rye A (5:52.21). Piedmont’s Jackson Violich was joined by Keenan Heinz, Ori Radwin, Nathan Fineman, Cosmo Hondrogen, Jack Hume, Oliver Lund, Kieran Boyd and Matteus Rueca. Violich started rowing with the Strokes when he was a freshman at Piedmont High, duing the pandemic.

Mens Youth V 8+

Piedmont’s Connor Cross, who just finished his sophomore year, was a member of the Mens U16 8+ team along with Siddhart Ganesh, Giovanni Grajeda Sierra, Wyatt Schmah, Pacer Yeung, Fergus McWilton, David Toan, Luc Abboud and Austin Britton. They were ninth in 6:39.14 (winning the B heat). Marin Rowing Association A won the event in 6:10.52.

Piedmont had four of athletes on the Mens Youth 2V 8+ boat: Peter Litwin, Senan Brodie, Aaron Belikoff and Charlie Marsala. They were joined by Pedro Vergara, Adam Moakher, Oliver Julian, Evan Reid and Aiden Abar. The group was 22nd overall in 6:26.93. Marin Rowing Association A also took this event in 6:00.64.

The Womens U17 8+ took sixth with Piedmont’s Geneva Johnson, Laurel Minor and Sophia Brenner teaming with Daisy Gohres, Sephali Ghoshal, Alexis Arroyo, Marika Fukuda, Lyla MacDonald and Leela Grimaud to finish in 7:19.48. RowAmerica Rye A took first in 7:02.35.

 Women U17 8+

In the Womens Youth 8+, the Strokes took 11th in 6:54.46. Piedmont’s Ali Gallacher, Cleo Tahawi, and Claire von Metzsch were joined with Campbell Lowell, Ava Wheeler, Eva Patrick, Rebecca Stelmach, George Hughes and Caroline Barber. RowAmerica Rye A won in 6:35.87.

Womens Youth 8+

Piedmont’s Bailee Myers helped the Womens U16 8+ take fifth in 7:26.75. Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing A was first in 7:19.62. Myers was joined by Zosia Morehouse, Ella Randecker, Talia Ackiron, Violet Hasten, Maria Kozak, Ingrid Flory, Harper Wood-Soloff and Skye Skjorshammer on the team.

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