Here Kitty, Kitty

Allison and son Asa with pretty Penny.

From the back of a bicycle to a loving family, Penny is the Exedra’s first cat feature. 

Name: Penelope, Penny for short

Family: Allison Goldberg, Asa and Ishaia Goldberg-Berman, and Adam Berman

Age: 7 months

Breed: Domestic short-hair orange tabby

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Adoption story: Allison and Ishaia had been looking into fostering kittens during the summer, but it was challenging because their other cat doesn’t get along well with others. Allison’s girlfriend met a man on a bicycle who had Penny with two of her sisters in a box on the back of the bike. She called Allison to see if the family would be interested in housing and taking care of the three kittens until they were adopted. Of course they said yes!

They were the cutest little beings and everyone fell in love with all three of them. Penny was considered the runt of the litter. She had some trouble breathing, seemed to be a little more distant from her sisters, was a little less playful, and didn’t start purring until a couple months later. After the other two kittens were adopted, we felt extremely sad that Penny was separated from her sisters and didn’t want her in a random home. So for that reason, and also because we fell in love with her, we decided to adopt her, the best decision ever.

Favorite napping spot: Any cushioned chair, usually the couch

Favorite toy: Toilet paper/any bag

Interesting facts: Penny is extremely tiny and has a very quiet purr. She loves back, head, and chin scratches. She is very curious and will try to investigate anything that catches her attention, which has resulted in her getting stuck in multiple closets and the attic. She is curious about the outdoors, but because of her small size and age, we are waiting to test that out. She also loves chewing on toes and it hurts, but other than that, she doesn’t bite. She likes a lot of things, but strangely enough she doesn’t like conventional cat toys; she prefers things that will make a mess.

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