Who’s that Good Dog?

Rosco with Nadine and his 'sister'

This little rescue has a big personality and a bark to match.

Name: Rosco (there isn’t a reason we named him that, but he does seem full of himself)

Members of Family: Nadine and her partner

Age: 4

Breed: He’s about one-third Chihuahua, and we aren’t sure what else. We originally thought he was part Dachshund, because of his long back, but we were proven wrong by a genetics test.

Adoption Story: One day my partner was approached by a woman who had Rosco in tow — he was just a little puppy — and asked if we would take him. We didn’t want a third dog at the time, so we were hesitant and said no. A few days later the woman came back with Rosco, his bed, blankets, and a few other things, and at that point, we couldn’t say no.

Likes: He loves his sister, and loves to be next to someone at all times. He also loves to sniff—his nose is so close to the ground, which is helpful to him. 

Dislikes: None. He likes everything.

Interesting facts: He’s certainly a good watchdog—he has a big bark for such a small body. 

Anything else: The other day he was cuddling with us on the sofa while we were watching a video of a dog and a bird becoming friends, and Rosco was watching it very intently. And in general, he is is sweet, and loves being around his family.

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