Who’s that Good Dog?

Sadie with her mom Marci

Name: Sadie

Members of Family: Marci Allender

Age: 4

Breed: Shepherd-Husky mix

Adoption Story: When Sadie was about one year old she was hit by a car and abandoned on a golf course in Oakdale. Somebody found her and set up a GoFundMe and raised enough money for her to have six surgeries on her leg.

I found her through PetFinder during COVID because I was having a tough time finding a dog, especially a bigger dog. When I adopted her she was still pretty traumatized from the accident and the pain medications. Since I’ve gotten her, she’s been trained professionally and now she has a great temperament.

Likes: She is obsessed with squirrels. She also loves any type of food—she’s very food-motivated. She loves riding in the car. Recently I found out that she likes to eat mud, which is a new challenge for us. She loves playing in sand (and rolling in smelly algae).

Dislikes: Although she loves the beach, she doesn’t like to ever go in the water.

Interesting facts: She is the first dog I’ve ever had that has been crate-trained, and she loves it! She also no longer has access to my kitchen because recently I was thawing a frozen chicken, and the next thing I knew, she had brought it down.

Anything else: Sadie is the sweetest girl ever — I love her!

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