Who’s that Good Dog?

Nothing lil’ about the energy Lil’ Wally Smalls brings.

Name: His full government name is Lil Wally Smalls, but we just call him Wally. We thought of his full name about two years ago, sort of as a joke, but we decided to for it.

Members of Family: Bridget, Sean, Mary, Friedie, and Winne Schickedanz 

Age: 2

Breed: He’s a Whoodle, which is a Wheaten Terrier and Poodle Mix

Adoption Story: When we moved to Piedmont in 2021 we planned on getting a dog. Bridget did a lot of research, and found a breeder in North Carolina—the only place we could get a Whoodle in time for the girls’ birthdays. We flew him out from North Carolina, and he was a complete surprise for the girls.

Likes: He loves going to the park and playing with other dogs, the beach, and any human food—we call him an indiscriminate eater—he’ll eat ANYTHING (including garbage). 

Dislikes: He hates the mailman and viciously attacks the mail whenever it comes through the slot in our door.

Interesting facts: He can’t play fetch—we tried to teach him, and no matter how hard we try, he just doesn’t get it.

Anything else: He’s a very special boy. We love him more than anything, and he loves us more than anything. He’s definitely a family man—we lucked out!

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