Who’s that Good Dog?

Vinnie with Jim who had shelter dogs all his life.

Vinnie will eat anything he can get his paws on

Name: Vinnie Cramer

Members of Family: Carol, Pete, Jamie, Jack, his dog-brother Champion, and dog-cousin Sally Cramer. 

Age: Around 5

Breed: American Pitbull

Adoption Story: We’ve always believed in rescuing dogs — our dad, Jim, had shelter dogs all of his life. We got him from Hopalong Animal Rescue when he was 10 weeks old. He was so sweet when we first met him, we just fell in love. 

Originally, the organization thought that he was a lab, and would get up to 60 pounds. We gave him a DNA test a few years ago, and he is a full American Pitbull. He’s now 90 pounds, but it’s just a lot more dog to love!

Likes: Vinnie loves to be around people, and his dog-relatives Champion and Sally. He loves to lie against the legs of the people he loves, and to lay in bed with our family. He loves all human food, so we have to keep all the food in our house far from his reach. He’ll eat anything he can get his paws on.

He likes to go to the park as well, but sometimes he’s not really welcome because he’s a really big Pitbull.

Dislikes: He’s very scared of water and getting wet. He hates the rain, lakes, and baths. 

Interesting facts: He has a nightly routine where he scratches our beds to get under the covers, but in the middle of the night he’ll overheat and make us get him out. 

Anything else: Because our dad Jim had shelter dogs his whole life, at his funeral we handed out a pamphlet of things to do in memory of him. One of them was to adopt a shelter dog. There are so many dogs out there without loving homes — to rescue a dog in need is to carry on Jim’s legacy. 

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