Who’s that Good Dog?

Name: Milo Bacon Won

We kept his foster name, “Milo”, because it fit him, and added “Bacon” as his middle name because we almost got a dog a few years earlier named Bacon.

Members of Family: T.J. Gina, Stella, and Dylan Won

Age: 18 months

Breed: Golden Retriever mix

Milo is the center of the Won family (Photo: Carla Carreon @charliesuephotography)

Adoption Story: 

We found him through an organization called Love & Second Chances, which is a Bay Area rescue organization that fosters and helps rescue dogs find homes. They have both local and international sectors.

We saw pictures of Milo on their website and fell in love with him. After we applied to adopt him, the organization informed us that he was one of their international dogs, and was being fostered in South Korea. A volunteer flew to SFO with him, and we picked him up from the airport. He was 7 months old and so cute.


He’s a typical Golden Retriever: he eats everything. He especially is obsessed with peanut butter. He also loves bacon, which is fitting given his middle name.

Overall, he has a Golden Retriever personality—he’s very social and is great with kids. He loves humans so much he thinks he is one! Our 5-year-old son, Dylan, once asked us ‘why his brother was a dog’. 

He loves stuffed animals (especially his siblings’ toys) and loves to chase squirrels and birds.

Dislikes: He is shy when someone first approaches him, although he only takes about 5 seconds to warm up. He’s recently started to hate when people move after standing still—he’ll bark like crazy. He also doesn’t like loud noises, especially when Dylan practices basketball. 

Interesting facts: He loves to sleep on his back with his paws and tummy in the air. 

Anything else:  Love & Second Chances was an amazing organization — they were very helpful throughout the process, and we couldn’t be happier with Milo!

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