Who’s that Good Dog?

Nala at Halloween (git along little doggie!)

Name: Nala (after Nala from The Lion King)

Family: Katherine, Will, Anna, Kaelin, and Liam Campbell, and her cat-sister Midnight

Age: 8 (we think)

Breed: We got her DNA tested and figured out that she is a mix of Chihuahua, Shitzu, Maltese Poodle, and Spaniel. 

Adoption Story: A little over a year after our old dog, Kobe, died, we started looking for another dog. We saw an advertisement for an adoption event with a litter of King Charles Cavalier Corgi puppies. Originally, we applied for one of those puppies, and as we were waiting for our appointment, we saw Nala in a pen sitting—among a bunch of wild, crazy dogs—extremely calm and mellow. Will picked her up and started petting her and she fell asleep in his arms. We knew then that we had found our dog!

Likes: She loves carrots and other crunchy vegetables. She will eat anything crunchy, but refuses to eat cooked vegetables. She loves carrots so much she does a dance for them! She also loves the beach: she comes with us to Cape Cod every summer. She also loves playing with other dogs at Piedmont Park and Dracena.

Dislikes: She does not like things on wheels. She freaks out every time she sees strollers, bikes, or scooters. She doesn’t like to play with bigger dogs—she’d rather be the referee. 

Interesting facts: She likes to sleep in—she’ll wait to get up until everyone’s up. She acts like a teenager. She always finds the most comfortable spot to sit on—wherever she is. She’ll also refuse to go on a walk without both parents — she needs us all together.

Anything else: She is just the sweetest girl ever.

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