Who’s that Good Dog?

This hoop-jumping rescue adores her family—and her tricks.

Name: Yona (Schimmel) Broach

Members of Family: Franci Kursh, Destin, Felix, and Sara Broach

Age: 4 years old

Breed: She is a mutt, consisting of a lot of Australian Shepherd, Rat Terrier, German Shepherd, and Border Collie. We DNA tested her through Embark, and realized that she is very high in ‘wolfiness’.

Adoption Story: A few months after our dog Chucho died in 2019, we started looking for a puppy. Although we didn’t feel completely ready, once we saw 8-week-old Yona (who was named Pie at the time) we fell in love. We found her on The Milo Foundation website and went to visit her soon after.

Everybody knows: Once you go look at the cute little puppy, you come home with a cute little puppy.

Yona with Destin, Sara, and Franci

Likes: She loves picking up sticks, but never brings them back to us. Once she finds a ball, however, she’ll play fetch with herself; she throws balls down the hill in Dracena and chases it over and over again. She loves the park—she’ll come home covered all over in sticks and twigs.

Dislikes: She is very nervous around strangers, and hates the doorbell—even doorbells on TV. 

Interesting facts: We tried to give her agility training, so she knows a lot of tricks, like ‘penguin’ where she stands on her hind legs, or ‘boop’ where she jumps up and touches our noses with her snout. She even knows how to jump through a hoop!

Anything else: She is the sweetest. She gets so excited when we get home, whether we are gone for one minute or one week, she jumps and dances like crazy. 

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