Letter to the Editor | Piedmont has flourished because of our parcel taxes

Longtime residents of the City of Piedmont remember what happened more than 40 years ago when Proposition 13 was passed. The city’s property tax revenues were suddenly capped.

Funds available to provide Piedmonters with the city services they had always enjoyed dwindled. Among the first to be curtailed were those related to the appearance of the city.

The condition of the parks deteriorated and the care and maintenance of street trees was cut back.

Fortunately, the leaders of the community stepped in to propose the first Parcel Tax, and voters strongly supported it. The Piedmont Beautification Foundation (PBF), then a very new organization, also stepped in to help fill the gap created by Prop 13. With regular voter-approved renewals, the parcel tax has been in place continuously since its inception and Piedmont has flourished.

The current PBF Board of Trustees has voted to support Measure F. The new parcel tax will not only ensure the continuation of current city services, but would also fund new public safety improvements.

Piedmont Beautification Foundation urges Piedmont voters to VOTE YES ON MEASURE F.

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