Letter to the Editor | John Bauters is the best choice for Alameda County Supervisor

My first message read: Supervisor?

I had just learned of Keith Carson’s retirement as Alameda County Supervisor, District #5, which covers Piedmont, Emeryville, Albany, Berkeley, and parts of Oakland. He had been serving as supervisor for 30 years, 3 years longer than I had been living in the state of CA.

The first message I sent upon learning of our need for new county leadership was to John Bauters, a regional colleague and former Mayor of Emeryville. I wanted John to know from Day One that he had my support. Incumbents win their races more than 90% of the time nationally and locally. Many people stop paying attention to these “down ballot” local elections because these seats are rarely contested. 

But this election is critical right now to Piedmonters and residents throughout the county because our five county supervisors together oversee a $4.1 billion budget. They are responsible for ensuring county-wide mental health services, providing housing assistance, building affordable housing, combatting climate change, partnering to ensure our safety, building regional transportation networks, and for providing city-like services to unincorporated parts of the county. 

The job is complex and our challenges require John’s depth of experience and the strength of his relationships to navigate them. That’s why the mayors from 10 of the 14 cities in Alameda County all unequivocally support John Bauters. As does Piedmont Fire Local 2683 in our community. 

As a mayor from a nearby city, I have had the pleasure of serving with John and seeing him in action. He puts people first, listens deeply, and cares more than anyone I know. Coming from a small city, with limited resources, John helps Emeryville “punch above its weight” by partnering with neighbors to address challenging regional issues. He is a leader, chairing both the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board and the Alameda County Transportation Commission for multiple years. His fellow board members continue to ask John to lead. 

We all know we can’t wait to solve the real problems in Alameda County, which is why I support John Bauters because he delivers results. Voters who care know that their votes matter in this “first time in 30-years election”. Please join me in supporting John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor District #5 in the March 5th election.

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor | John Bauters is the best choice for Alameda County Supervisor

  1. While I agree that a recall or a special election is expensive, the price of not taking action is even more costly to our community. What is the price of lives lost to violent crime, losses incurred from businesses shutting their doors and the impact of general fear that someone may break into our homes and cars?

    To me, the price of not doing so is higher than the price of the recall.

    If there is a lack of appropriate consequences, crime will continue to be rampant. Waiting for the next election cycle to vote for a new DA is great in concept, except that the term for the Alameda County District Attorney is 6 years so it will be 2028 when we will have the opportunity to do so.

    This is way too long of a wait and we should allow the recall process as governed by our democratic process to proceed.

    It takes courage to stand up for something controversial. In the words of Alexander Hamilton, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

  2. I would somewhat agree, and early on assumed I’d support Bauters as a more moderate alternative to another elected official, Oakland Councilmember Bas, who was a leader of Oakland’s Defund the Police efforts.
    However, I’ve now found that Bauters is also out of step with the improved law enforcement environment that many now feel is necessary.
    If I knew how to include a link to a video, I’d let readers see that at a candidates forum held at the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club a few weeks ago, Bauters responded to the question of whether he supported the recall of DA Pamela Price with “there is no reason to do a recall.”
    Therefore I’ve decided to support Chris Moore, a Piedmonter, who is a leader in the DA recall movement. If you think crime is a major problem today, I’d suggest a vote for Moore and not Bas or Bauters. The Board of Supervisors is instrumental in law enforcement, the Sheriff’s Department, and the courts.

    • Bauters doesn’t support recalls as a value, not because he thinks Price is doing a good job or agrees with her policies and he addressed this.

      Believe it or not, a recall is a whole separate election that costs tax payers money. His standpoint is that he disagrees with Price on many things, didn’t vote for or support her in any of her bids for DA. The recall is a part of our democratic process, but it’s an additional cost. He’d rather help organize to have a well funded, worthy opponent to face her instead of forcing tax payers to pay for an *additional* election this year.

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