Letter to the Editor | Cuts to city services will follow if Measure F fails

The evidence lies all around us of what under-funded municipalities look like. As a lifelong resident of the East Bay, what I’m seeing in our surrounding communities is demoralizing. While especially noticeable in emergency services, the deterioration appears to have impacted all civil services. The root cause may be debatable, but the one common complaint is funding, and lack thereof. 

Piedmont is an exception. Our police and fire departments still “work.” Our parks are maintained, and our recreation department continues to meet our needs. I’m grateful. Measure F maintains and improves the City services that we depend upon. Without it cuts will be made. Make no mistake. It won’t just be in our public security; it will be in other less appreciated amenities like our library contract with Oakland. Now more than ever, we need to protect city services. 

I join our City Council and strongly encourage passage of Measure F. 

One thought on “Letter to the Editor | Cuts to city services will follow if Measure F fails

  1. When will these “cuts” happen? The current parcel tax runs through June 2025 as does funding for an additional dispatcher. Voters have a choice with measure F – raise their taxes now to pay for new staff positions or vote no and have Council return in November with a measure that just pays for the two dispatcher positions. And a shorter term for the tax. There is no need to panic over cuts.

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