Who’s that Good Dog?

After living on the streets, newly adopted Ollie dances his way to every meal with his forever family. 

Name: Oliver “Ollie” Marshburn

Family: Steph, Todd, Ben, and Hailey Marshburn

Age: Around four or five months

Breed: Black lab mix. He’s almost fully black except for a little white patch on his chin and his chest.

Adoption Story: We’ve been trying to adopt a dog from Lab Rescue for a long time, and have adopted labs from them for the last 25 years. Ollie came up for adoption after being a stray on the Oakland streets. Someone picked him up and dropped him at the Oakland Animal Shelter, and he was taken by a foster family for a week over Thanksgiving. After that, the Golden Gate lab rescue took him, and he was in a different foster family for a couple of days. We went and checked him out, fell in love with him, and adopted him the next week.

Likes: He loves treats, toys, and snuggling. If he’s invited into your bed even once, he thinks that he owns it.

Dislikes: He’s a slow-to-warm dog, so he’s nervous with new people, but once he likes you, he’s super nurturing and really fun. He still has a lot of separation anxiety and still gets nervous walking around the neighborhood, which we’re working on.

Interesting facts: He does this cute little thing that we call the dinner dance. When we go get his food for him he jumps up on two feet and dances around—turning in circles—because he’s so excited.

Anything else: Ollie is our third rescue. Rescues might need a little more TLC in the beginning, but they end up being wonderful, wonderful dogs and great parts of your family.

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