Planning Commission public hearing on updates to Zoning Code and General Plan on Monday, Jan. 29

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on a series of measures to implement Piedmont’s 6th Cycle Housing Element on Monday, Jan. 29. At the meeting, the Commission will be asked to make a recommendation to City Council on proposed revisions to the City’s Zoning Ordinance, amendments to the General Plan, and environmental review for Housing Element implementation.

The proposed revisions will make the Zoning Ordinance and General Plan consistent with the programs outlined in the Housing Element, which the City Council adopted in March 2023 and the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) certified in November.

Key changes proposed for the Zoning Ordinance include:
• Development standards for SB9 lot splits: SB9 is a State law that allows property owners to divide their property into two lots, each of which could have two housing units. The proposed Zoning Ordinance update would create Piedmont-specific development standards for such lot splits.
• New ADU requirements: When constructing a new home on properties over 5,000 square feet, an ADU or JADU would be required as part of the project. This requirement would also apply to remodel projects that demolish 70% or more of the existing residence, subject to exceptions for rebuilding after a disaster. This measure implements Housing Element Program 1.E.
• Revised development standards for multi-family residential: This proposal would revise rules around setbacks, parking, density, and lot coverage for multi-family residential developments in areas where multi-family housing is already allowed. The new standards would permit heights up to 4 stories. This measure implements Housing Element Programs 1.D, 1.F, 1.G, 1.H, and others.

For a detailed description of proposed amendments to the Piedmont General Plan and Zoning Code, see the presentation Planning staff delivered at a City Council study session on Dec. 18, 2023:
• Staff report
• Presentation
• Meeting video

The public hearing on January 29, 2024, follows months of dialogue and six public meetings.

The Planning Commission held their first discussion of the implementation measures in October 2023, and continued the discussions at their November, December, and January 2024 meetings. The City Council has discussed the proposed measures at their November 20 and December 18, 2023 City Council meetings.

The City Council will hold a public hearing to consider adopting these measures at their February 20, 2024 meeting.
Watch and comment in person or online via Zoom
Community members can watch and provide comment in-person or via Zoom:
Planning Commission: Monday, January 29, 5:30pm (Agenda | Staff Report)

Piedmont City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue

Each participant will have the opportunity to speak once on the public hearing after the presentation and before the discussion. The meeting chair will set a time limit for individual comments based on the number of participants.
Written comments can be submitted to the City of Piedmont via email to

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