Piedmont Beautification Foundation thanks Holiday Greeting Fund donors

2023 was PBF’s most successful fundraising year ever.

Each year as the lighting of Piedmont’s Holiday Tree approaches, Piedmont residents are invited to greet their Piedmont friends by way of donations to PBF’s Holiday Greeting Fund. This year, in addition to PBF’s regular Funds, donors were provided the opportunity to support the upcoming reforestation of Dracena Park.

Piedmont Beautification Foundation is pleased to report that a large group of Piedmont families extended holiday greeting to their Piedmont friends while responding generously to the funding opportunities offered by PBF. Almost $30,000 was contributed to PBF, including $8,300 for the Dracena Park project and $11,000 for its General Fund and $8,000 donated to the Sports Facilities Endowment. This is PBF’s newest permanent fund and is expected ultimately to become a vital source of money to properly maintain Piedmont’s many sports facilities. Coupled with other gifts, most notably the $250,000 for landscaping at the Piedmont pool, 2023 is PBF’s most successful year ever.

PBF thanks all who donated and is pleased to provide the names of the donors to the Holiday Greeting Fund. Special thanks are extended to the underwriters who financed the city-wide mailing inviting everyone to Piedmont Lights Up, as the greatly expanded evening is now known.

Donors to PBF’s 2023 Holiday Greeting Fund

Sara and John Abel 
Lori and Mike Adams
Elizabeth and James Adams
Sally Adams 
Molly and Sandy Ashford 
Lori Austin 
Matt and Sasha Bainer 
Indira Balkissoon and Thomas Glenn
Deni and John Bates 
Charles and Di Bates 
Ann Binning
Nancy and Bob Bishop in memory of John Constantine    
Susan and Peter Browne 
Carolyn and Michael Bruck 
Flo Bryan 
Justin Burden 
Julia and Bruce Burke in memory of Carl Anderson
Ayyana Chakravartula 
Ann Chandler in memory of Clive Chandler
John and Cynthia Chiles
Coastland and Civil Engineering, Inc
Debra Constantine in memory of John Constantine 
Jody Cornelius 
Caroline Davis and Peter Dahling 
Leslie and Sanford DeLugach 
MJ and Chris Dodds
Vivian and Pod Dorsch 
Patty and Carter Dunlap 
AP and Diana Edgerton in memory of Justice Carl Anderson
Claire and Vincent Faughnan 
Kate and John Faust 
Mary Finley 
The Gardner Family in honor of John Tulloch
Holly and Michael Gardner Family in honor of Dr. Jeni and Daniel Roberts Family
Roxanne and Roger Gault
Helen and Paul Gerken 
Cathy and Mark Glazier in memory of Judge Carl Anderson 
Mason and Austin Gray 
Martha and Dore Griffinger 
Holly and John Hanke
Jay Hann, III 
Penny Harris 
Claudia and James Harrison 
Nancy and Michael Henn 
Susan and Jerry Herrick 
Maryellen and Frank Herringer 
Susan Hill in memory of Efale McFarland
Karen and William Hoefs
Sharon Hom and Lance Fong in memory of Paul Lahaderne 
Linda Horne
Kathy Hull and Bill Gisvold in memory of Dr. Joseph Yarris 
Daley and Mike Humphries 
Jane and Bert Inch 
Mary and Doug Ireland
Paul Jahn and Valerie Villanueva
Susan Johnson in honor of Terry Cotton 
Nancy Kent 
Jane Klein 
Barbara Krusi 
Gayle and Scott Lambert in memory of the Hon Carl Anderson
Carrie and Pat Lee
Nancy and John Lenahan
Sally Letchworth in memory of Helen W. Steers 
Elaine and Ward Lindenmayer in honor of Valerie Matzger
Gail Lombardi 
Elise Lomenzo and John Holmgren 
Barbara Love and Jim Gustke 
Kerri and Mark Lubin in memory of Carl Anderson
Derry and Tom MacBride 
Susan Malick 
Natalie Mallinckrodt and Larry Matarazzi
Elene Manolis in memory of Mrs. Mary Karsant
Ben Marcus 
Valerie and John Matzger
Judith Mazia and Alan Wofsy 
Pam and Bob McBain 
Susan McCreary 
Nancy McHugh in honor of Eve and Gassatt Holland
Ruth McLeod 
Susan and William Meckel 
Lindsey and Ken Meyersieck 
Ruth and John Mickel 
Stephanie Mooers 
Stella Moore 
Carolee and John Morrison 
Linda and Jim Murphy
Judy and Bill Nevin
Rachel Nosowsky and Jim Govert 
Judith and Richard Oken
Jan Olsen and Teresa Kangas-Olsen   
Mary Ann and Don Parachini 
Shannon Pelouqin 
Maryann and Tom Phelps 
Vickie and Steve Podell 
Charles Reese 
Mary Lou and Straty Righellis 
Rindi Rindi 
Penny Robb 
Patricia and Mike Ruffolo 
Stuart Sampson 
Nancy Scott in memory of Carl West Anderson 
Mindy Scott in memory of Pamela Rafanelli
Rachelle and Andy Sessions 
Hort Shapiro
Margaret Sigurdson 
Patty and Larry Siskind 
Cory and Tom Smegal 
Sue and Tom Smegal in memory of Carl Anderson
Jeanne Solnordal 
Bobbe Stehr in memory of Carl Anderson
Bev Stone and Rick Dosa 
Karen and Tom Sullivan in memory of the Honorable Carl West Anderson
Robin and David Sweet 
Lisa and Bob Tuck in memory of John Constantine
Mee Ling Tung and George Lo 
Anian Tunney in memory of Cherie Pettit
Gail and John Uilkema 
Deborah and Bob Van Nest 
Andrea Viel
Stacy and Christian Vorkink 
Jen and Earl Wilson 
Michelle Winchester 
Fran and Cameron Wolfe, Jr. 
Ned Wood in memory of Mary Wood
Fritz and Mary Wooster 
Xiaohui Zhou and Bin He

2 Anonymous Donors


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