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Julie Reichle

The Turkey Trot is a family affair

They walked, they strolled, they trotted: More than 2,300 people of all ages participated in the 2023 Piedmont Turkey Trot on a clear Thanksgiving morning. This year’s red race shirts made for a colorful display as the runners and walkers made their way through town.

The top three finishers were Jack Stein (15:30), Michael Danielczuk (15:47), and Walter Teitelbaum (15:54). See winners by age group below and view full race results HERE.

Men’s division

M 2-10 Isaac Milner, 10, Piedmont

M 11-14 Alex Schleuning, 14, Piedmont

M 15-19 Jack Stein, 19, (1st overall 15:30), Piedmont

M 20-29 Michael Danielczuk, 29, (second overall, 15:47), Albany

M 30-39 Phil Hebda, 36, Berkeley

M 40-49 Landall Proctor, 41, Berkeley

M 50-59 Tom Baudenstiel, 54, Piedmont

M 60-69 Donald Oak, 65, Piedmont

M 70-79 Len Goldman, 79, Piedmont

M 80-99 Jim Buck, 81, El Sobrante

Women’s division

F 11-14 Viviane Oesterer, 14, Piedmont

F 15-19 Cleopatra Tahawi, 17, Piedmont

F 20-29 Georgia Scherer 25, Culver City

F 30-39 Jessica Freeman, 35, Piedmont

F 40-49 Amanda Feldman, 43, Piedmont

F 50-59 Andrea Hamlin-Levin, 51, Piedmont

F 60-69 Eileen White, 60, Piedmont

F 70-79 Janine McAuliffe, 72, Piedmont

F 80-99 Sheila Smith, 80, Pleasanton

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