Who’s that Good Dog?

Harley has kisses for Andrew Coleman

Name: Harley

Family: The Coleman family — Andrew, Tina, Jill, and Ellie

Pet: Labrador Retriever

Age: 14 months old

Adoption story: Harley was a rescue pup from the Monterey Lab Rescue, who took him in when his breeder fell ill, could no longer keep the many dogs in their care, and put them up for sale on Craigslist. By the time the puppies were rescued, they were emaciated and needed to be nursed back to health. These days, with his harrowing start in life now well behind him, Harley is healthy, energetic, sweet, and full of life.

Likes: Harley loves hanging out, playing, running around in dog parks, and meeting other dogs. Whenever Harley shows up, he “brings the party.” He also loves accompanying his family on hikes, walks, and ski trips, and especially loves the snow.

Dislikes: Harley is afraid of water and hates getting baths. Even though Labs are supposed to be water dogs – he is quite water-averse. We’re hoping to get him more comfortable with water this summer.

Interesting story: Harley accompanies us to Tahoe fairly often, but on one recent visit, he returned from a back-country ski outing with us suddenly unwell — his bladder and back legs weren’t working. The vet took a few looks at Harley and said, “it looks like he got stoned!” The situation, as best as could be figured out, was that he must have eaten something containing some kind of drug somewhere along the way, possibly an edible left behind at an event in the area earlier. The vet said they had seen many similar cases in the Tahoe area before. Harley had to wait in a quiet dark room until the drugs were out of his system. Luckily, the only lingering effect from his experience is the crazy story we get to tell about his bad trip.

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