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A local ice cream vendor helped welcome my clients, a new family, to the block.

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The sun came out and so did almost 100 Piedmont neighbors to welcome my clients who just moved into their new home.

Client's warm welcom to the new neighborhood

“It’s a wonderful neighborhood,” said Sharon Katz.  A Piedmont resident for more than 30 years, she is one of my client’s new neighbors.  “We have a lot of families who have been here for a long time and I love that we have young families moving in and I think that mix is the best.”

To mix things up I searched for a local family owned business to make this welcome party complete.  I was proud to support Mr. Nova and his fairly new ice cream cart business.


Mr. Nova was raised in SF and lives there with his family.  He was a MUNI bus driver for 5 years but always dreamed of owning his own business.  One day he came up with the idea for the ice cream cart.  “I brought it up to my wife and she loved it,” he told me. “She did all the research she gave me the push.”

Local with Lisa:  Mr. Nova's Ice Cream Cart

Mr. Nova sells San Francisco’s Mitchell’s Ice Cream, which has been a family business of its own since 1953. It’s going really well this year, winter time not so great but as soon as April hit the ball started rolling,” he mentioned while setting up his cart for my client’s housewarming party.  “It’s a rewarding feeling to see the happy faces, the smiles on kids faces. So, yeah, it’s amazing.”

Local with Lisa:  Mr. Nova's Ice Cream Cart

Olivia Edgar was all smiles welcoming her new neighbors and friends.  “I like Piedmont so much because there are so many kids and we can play after school.”  

Local with Lisa:  Mr. Nova's Ice Cream Cart

Etienne Fang, another Piedmont native, added “One of the biggest benefits to living in PIedmont is the police department and fire department, they really respond.  I think most people come for the educational system, which continues to be wonderful and has been for generations, but I would say it’s the whole package, kids being able to walk to schools K-12 and the closeness of the community. 

Local with Lisa

To keep the community close, Officers Hugo Diaz and Tyler Petit showed up to meet my clients and to let all the Piedmont neighbors know, outside of their uniforms they are just people too

Local with Lisa: Housewarming for Piedmont Clients

“I find it valuable that they know us on a personal level,” Officer Tyler Petit told me. “Because when it is time for them to call 911 or they need assistance with something they feel more comfortable addressing us directly as the more human factor.”


When you factor in the Piedmont Police, Mr. Nova’s ice cream cart and these amazing neighbors…. my clients received a warm welcome to their new neighborhood.

Local with Lisa: Housewarming for Piedmont Clients


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