Letter to the Editor | What is pickleball, and why in Piedmont?

Pickleball is a game that combines certain aspects of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong into a dynamic, low-impact, and addictive sport for all ages.

Pickleball is a drop-in community sport where you never have to find a partner, reserve a court, or take lessons before you play. All levels of play are welcome in Piedmont. Piedmont reserves a court and times for beginning players on weekends. Why is pickleball addicting? A pickleball game takes approximately 10-15 minutes, providing downtime between games as players rotate on and off the courts. The game is quick and energizing, and you want to play “just one more game.” Then you find yourself staying an hour or two longer.

Unlike most competitive sports, young and old, men and women can play together. Pickleball is a unifying sport, as the game’s social aspect occurs during the wait time between games. There is a monthly “potluck” lunch that engages everyone socially. The social part created a sense of community. When someone is injured, the group assists with their needs or gathers a group to travel to the Pickleball Nationals.

If you want “competitive” play, monthly round robins are very exciting to play and watch.

Today, we are seeing more and more young people playing pickleball. Many young teens are finding pickleball exciting at the professional level. Take a look at Anna Leigh Waters, Hayden Patriquin, and Jora Johnson. All professionals under 18. A young Piedmont resident, Monte Imberg, started pickleball at age 13, became an excellent pickler, and is also an outstanding tennis player. Monte is just 17. Who said you couldn’t play both sports well?

Why is pickleball important in Piedmont? Pickleball gathers the community in a healthy, energetic, upbeat, and socially friendly way.

One thought on “Letter to the Editor | What is pickleball, and why in Piedmont?

  1. Thanks Corki. Lower Piedmont residents are not objecting to pickleball but rather to the potential loss of tennis courts in their neighborhood as well as the public process for this trial period. Are you aware of any racketball complexes where tennis and pickleball courts are side by side? Perhaps the city should try this out before eliminating tennis courts from lower piedmont.

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