Letter to the Editor | Andersen for City Council; Reiss for Peralta Community College District

As mayor of the great city of Piedmont, I know first hand what makes an outstanding public servant.  It takes patience, intellect, devotion to the common good and a keen eye for details. Most importantly, a great public servant has vision for a better future.

I am writing to strongly urge my fellow Piedmonters to vote for Councilmember Betsy Andersen for Piedmont City Council and Dr. Cindi Reiss for Peralta Community College Trustee.

Betsy Andersen is a joy to serve with on the Council. Her calm demeanor and skilled intellect — honed as a practicing attorney — results in Betsy’s best work. Her passionate commitment to good government, fiscal restraint and excellent city services preserves the best of our small town. And, Betsy is dedicated to making Piedmont cleaner and greener for future generations. She’s taken a lead on ensuring our city is walkable, bikeable, and ready for the transportation challenges of the 21st century. And it’s because of Betsy’s leadership that Piedmont will enjoy a state of the art pool in the near future.

For many similar reasons, I am offering my strong support to Dr. Cindi Reiss for Peralta Community College District Trustee. Cindi is completing her first term on the college board, and she goes toe to toe with entrenched interests constantly to promote sound fiscal management in this sprawling — and critical — community college district.  Many Piedmonters — kids, adults, seniors — benefit from community college access. Cindi Reiss’s commitment to excellence in financial leadership and thoughtful long-range planning, make her the stand-out candidate for this role. 

Please vote to reelect Betsy Andersen for Piedmont City Council and Dr. Cindi Reiss for the Peralta Community College District.

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