More free compost as City pilots new ‘self haul’ program

Garden and mulch enthusiasts, take note: compost will be available every Friday throughout the summer.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation in the City of Piedmont’s Free Compost Program. Since September 2021, the City has distributed more than 80 cubic yards of compost to hundreds of residents.

New this summer

The City of Piedmont is piloting a self-haul compost program that offers free compost for Piedmont residents to pick up every Friday during the summer months, as weather and availability allow. This pilot program is different than recent free compost giveaway events, in that the compost will be available to residents to self-haul from an unattended pile every Friday starting at 8:00am. 

The compost will be available in a dumpster box located outside the entrance to the City’s Corporation Yard located at 898 Red Rock Road, Piedmont, CA. The site is now open every Friday and will close for the season in the fall. The compost is first-come, first-served, and City staff cannot guarantee or confirm availability of compost.

To pick up compost, you should bring your own shovel, container, and gloves to load the materials yourself. Pick-up trucks must tarp their loads.


The compost originally comes from the green waste (yard trimmings and food waste) that is collected in Republic Services communities participating in curbside organics collection services, which includes Piedmont. The green waste is brought to a processing plant in Richmond where it is converted into a highly aerobic, microbial compost. The compost making process involves the careful mixing of the waste and monitoring of the carbon to nitrogen ratio, CO2, temperature, and moisture.

As the compost is locally based and free, it models the concept of a circular economy, where a resource is used and reused in a cycle that turns “waste” back into new products or materials than can reenter the supply chain. This process helps to keep organic materials from emitting greenhouse gasses in the landfill and creates opportunities to use these nutrient-rich resources to regenerate our soils. Mixing compost with your soil also aids in water retention and pest control and helps plants thrive. Senate Bill 1383, a state law that went into effect January 1, 2022, requires all municipalities to collect organic waste from residents and businesses to be composted.

More information can be found at the City’s news and notifications page. Contact Sustainability Program Manager, Alyssa Dykman if you have any questions.

One thought on “More free compost as City pilots new ‘self haul’ program

  1. This is so useful! Thank you for sharing. I hope to load up on some local compost this week and use it to refresh my garden this Spring and Summer.

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