Who’s that Good Dog?

Penske with the Patel family (in front: Aiden, Karina and Asha; in back: Ashish and Shilpa)

Family: Ashish, Shilpa, Karina, Asha, and Aiden Patel

Pet: Penske Patel, Jr.

Age: 3 years

Breed: Shih-Tzu

Adoption story: Penske, formally known as Waffle, was given up to a shelter in San Jose. When he was only 5 month old, his owner, who was not well, couldn’t take care of him anymore. We saw him on Pet Finder and contacted the shelter. There were many families who wanted to adopt him, the shelter owner had a friend in town and had fond memories of her visits. She said Piedmont would be a perfect place for him to live. We adopted him on MLK weekend in 2019. 

Likes: He loves to chase squirrels, cats, birds and car rides. He especially loves to wrestle his stuffed cheetah. He will sleep on any throw blanket he can find. Penske has never met a dog he doesn’t like and is always ready for a doggie playdate.

Dislikes: The vacuum! The loud noise is just too much for him.  

Interesting facts: He always answers his human mom, with a sneeze or bark!  He can follow commands….sit, stay, lie down, paw, up and come.  

Anything else? Penske is the most patient dog ever. He plays with his human siblings and never fusses or gets upset even with tough play. He is always there when someone is hurt with a snuggle or lick.

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