Letter to the Editor | Piedmont’s excellent schools are why families move here

Havens Elementary School

Because property values are tied to the schools, local realtors Julie Gardner and Sara Abel urge everyone to support this precious resource with a donation to the Piedmont Education Foundation.

As the holidays approach, we’re often bombarded with requests for donations – all of them no less important than one another, and many of them truly critical and worthy of our support. However, when it comes to the Piedmont community, the Piedmont Education Foundation is unique in terms of what it provides locally, which works to make sure that our children have the benefit of music, art, science, theater, cultural enrichment programs, and so many other extras that make Piedmont schools the envy of the Bay Area.

As Realtors who do a great deal of work inside the boundaries of Piedmont, we’re blessed to meet so many young families beginning their educational journeys, and we can attest to the fact that the number one reason these parents migrate to Piedmont is for the schools! Yes, the architecture is beautiful, the sense of community is unmatched, the social services are great, and the safe, tree-line streets are all lovely draws, but it’s the schools that most drive their decision, and why the ongoing health of our public schools should be important to every homeowner in Piedmont, whether or not one still has school-aged children in attendance.

In fact, the desirability of the public schools is directly tied into the property values of Piedmont’s homes. Therefore, the need to continue to privately fund benefits everyone in town from an economic standpoint.

From a personal vantage point, having navigated our kids through Piedmont schools, and then on to college, and then into the workforce thereafter, Sarah and I know that their formative years provided them with a solid educational base, a quest for knowledge, and life-long friendships that they’ll return to again and again.

Which is why when Sarah and John Abel were asked to host the “Empty-Nester” party at their lovely home on Estates, they gladly and willingly agreed ,and why they hope you’ll consider making a donation to the Piedmont Education Foundation through the Giving Campaign as part of your annual giving practice. Your contribution is a gift to your children, everyone’s children, and those that follow.

Happy holidays,
Julie Gardner & Sarah Abel
COMPASS Real Estate

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