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The top 10 reasons why we’re in the top 100 — and why you’ll want to work with us

The personal stories of one Realtor’s battles and triumphs in the highly-competitive Bay Area Real Estate Market, seeking to illuminate and humanize the very real ups-and-downs of homeownership.

“Congratulations on making the “Bay Area’s Leading 100,” COMPASS” Northern California President, Libby Leffler, said, “We’re honored to be part of your team.”

Why, thank you (the handwritten note was a classy touch).

Given that Sarah and I are in exceedingly good company, we feel honored as well. You can find us in the team category at place setting #59 (view here). (Can I get a whoop, whoop?)  It’s notable that the vast majority of AGENTS on the Leading 100 are COMPASS colleagues – congratulations to one and all.

By now, it should be no surprise that COMPASS Agents dominated the 2020’s Real Trends “Leading 100,” and with good reason. Our leadership, from the founding partners, to the local managers, to the office support staff are all incredibly supportive, AND it doesn’t hurt that the company’s philosophy truly values what Realtors bring to the process. (Meanwhile, discount Brokerages are attempting to do away with Realtors altogether, and that’s frankly, a BIG mistake.) So it’s no wonder that more and more top-selling AGENTS are flocking to COMPASS and picking up market share along the way. (Hey, if there’s a better mousetrap, use it.)

While neither Sarah, Jill, nor I are the kinda gals that tend to keep score . . . it’s nice, every once in awhile, to be acknowledged for the efforts put forth (and we do put forth!). 

Top 10 Reasons

So on the heels of this award, and in an attempt to be expedient (‘cuz we’re busy; we’re shooting for the top 50 in 2021), here are the top 10 reasons WHY we believe you should choose us when deciding to Buy or Sell:

  1. We have dirt under our fingernails – that’s not a metaphor, it’s the literal truth. Jill, Sarah and I regularly make trips to the commercial nursery in my beat-up red truck to secure plants for pots, beds, and entire yards whenever necessary. We plant, we water, we prune, we do it all. No, you won’t find us in some cheesy commercial with canned music and gelled hair in front of a couple of Mercedes on our cell phones (gag); we’re busy sweeping!
  2. Our work uniform is our jeans – again, no joke. You’ll see us more often in denim than in flashy suits; more often “hands on,” than off; more often in the thick of things than delegating. Those wallpapered bookshelves and entryways in our listings – that’s us. At the end of the day, we won’t compromise the vision, even if we have to physically break a sweat to do it (and even if we have to push a little to have you join us there). We know what sells.
  3. We know our market – with 35+ years of combined experience, and hundreds of sales under our collective belts, we’ve lived to tell the tale (and we’ve got some doozies), Each and every success was earned one client at a time, one transaction at a time, and one property at a time, representing tens of thousands of hours and a lot of missed dinners (just ask our families).
  4. We learn from our mistakes – while we cannot promise you perfection, we’ll do our best to improve each day. Given that buying or selling involves A LOT of moving parts, there will undoubtedly be hiccups along the way. How we handle your concerns is critical to a successful outcome. Put another way: we’ll work to get it right.
  5. Our reach is broad – with more than 19,000 Agents in the COMPASS family, our outreach is nationwide, but our management is local and entirely responsive. Because Real Estate is highly localized, you need a team that knows the ins and outs of THIS Marketplace, and can adapt easily to it, while continuing to develop new and better technologies along the way. (Just watch us grow. )
  6. We believe in the process and in the dream of homeownership – as homeowners ourselves, we’ve remodeled and renovated our fair share of projects. We’ve not only talked the talk, we’ve walked the walk, which is why it’s easy for us to create a compelling narrative for others. We’ve been in your shoes, raised our children in your neighborhoods, and cared about our communities at large. (Grateful, grateful, grateful.)
  7. We partner with top-notch vendors – we’ll be the first to admit that achieving top dollar requires a village. Consequently, we’ve secured tried-and-true painters, gardeners, house cleaners, stagers, and moving specialists to help carry the load. Whatever you need, we can provide, and if we don’t already know them, we’ll turn over every rock to find the support you need. (We love a good list to check off.)
  8. We’re excellent negotiators and take that role seriously – we understand that your home likely represents your single-largest investment, and we will work tirelessly to achieve the best and highest outcome, while protecting your interests and your privacy.
  9. We’ll see the process through from beginning to end – your transaction doesn’t end once in contract. In fact, the escrow process can be some of the most difficult waters to navigate. You may count on us to be there every step of the way, from preparation to the close of escrow. We understand ours is a long-term relationship and we rely on your referrals. (We’re not handing you off to a “team” member.)
  10. We work hard to gain your trust – whether the process is new and exciting or fraught with high anxiety, we’ll work diligently to gain your faith and trust. We’re responsive, accessible, transparent, and accountable for our actions, but we also know how to laugh at ourselves (and do). In short, the buck stops here. (That’s our names on the sign.)

With the clear understanding that your home means a great deal to you, please know that it means the same to us. So let us do the work you’re paying us to do because ultimately, selling or buying works best when we are aligned. Regardless of the shape of the journey, we’re here to “lead” you through whatever awaits.

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