Who’s that Good Dog?

Tucker surrounded by his family (clockwise from lower left): Claire, Jerry, Katherine, Kerry and Brendan O'Connor

Family: Jerry and Katherine O’Connor, Brendan, Claire and Kerry

Pet: Tucker

Age: Approx. 11 years old

Breed: Mixed breed rescue from Taiwan (we think he is Formosan Mountain Dog)

Adoption Story: We decided we wanted to adopt a mid-size rescue dog, and when we searched on Petfinder, we fell in love with Tucker immediately (originally named Button for “cute as a button’). When we contacted the rescue agency, we discovered he was actually in Taiwan and was being rescued by a SF agency called AHAN. Volunteers flew with Tucker that very next week, and he arrived at SFO on Election Day. He has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we love him so much!

Likes: Work from home, sitting at our feet under the table, squirrels, chicken and fish, off-leash hikes in the woods, and back scratches.

Dislikes: Wind, thunderstorms, swimming, rain, and baths.

Interesting Facts: He has a spotted tongue.

Anything else? He gives hugs to almost every person he meets!

Tucker of Taiwan and the spotted tongue

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