Who’s that Good Dog?

Family: Mike Silverberg, Rupa Basu, and sons Arjun and Ravi

Pet: Rocco

Age: 4 years old 

Breed: Super mutt – his mom is mostly cocker spaniel and he has a lot of border collie in him

Adoption Story: Our friends, the Beckers (also a Piedmont family) were fostering his mom. They decided to keep her and found out she was pregnant with 6 pups! We adopted Rocco through the Milo Foundation. Most of his siblings live nearby.

Likes: He loves being around people, especially anyone he is familiar with, i.e. his pack. He is very protective of his things, including his bed and treats.

Dislikes: He doesn’t like cats or squirrels (chases and growls/barks at them), but generally likes to play with other dogs if they are his size or smaller.

Interesting Facts: He’s been very content with shelter-in-place and having us all at home. None of us have ever had a dog and we are learning a lot from him!

Anything else? We are looking for dog sitters/boarders for a couple of weeks in the summer, in case anyone is interested!

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