Who’s that Good Dog?

Family: The Monicals: Heidi, Vince, and children Erica, David, and Max

Pet: Chelsea

Chelsea with her human sibs

Age: 12.5 years old

Breed: Golden retriever

Adoption Story: We got Chelsea from a breeder in Idaho. We surprised the kids on Christmas morning with her as a puppy with a red bow tied around her head. By far the best present ever!

Likes: Butter, nuts, and walks.

Dislikes: Unpeeled carrots, loud noises, and long car rides.

Interesting Facts: She barks at animals on the TV; she still whips her toys around at twelve and a half; she cheers along with us for our favorite sports teams by barking enthusiastically for touchdowns or three-pointers; and for some unknown reason our kids call her Geoff sometimes.

Anything else? Chelsea is a wonderful, sweet, but quirky dog. She is slowing down a bit but still acts like a puppy.

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