Naomi Klein to address students about climate change and how to make a difference

At an April 24 Zoom event organized by PMS students, Naomi Klein will address the subject of her newest book written for young environmentalists: “How to Change Everything: the young human’s guide to protecting the planet and each other.” (Read more:

Klein is also the author of the 2021 Readmont selection, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs Climate,” sponsored by Piedmont Connect.

Naomi Klein will talk about her new Young Reader book, “How To Change Everything: a Young Person’s Guide to Protecting the Earth and Each Other.” There will be a Q&A format so that Bay Area Youth can ask questions of this global researcher and movement leader.

This is followed a panel of already-active youth who are addressing the climate crisis. Students can learn what they do and how to begin to fix this problem. Learn how to get active and what steps we can take. There will also be a session to work with other youth on a new or existing project or campaign.

Let’s work together towards building a better world.

Learn more and register for the April 24 event:

Kathryn Levenson, PHS Teacher/Librarian

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