Curious about induction cooktops? The city will give you a loaner

Example of a portable induction cooktop from the New York Times' Wirecutter. (Credit Sarah Kobos)

As part of the move away from natural gas appliances, the city encourages residents to consider new ways of cooking. Starting next week, the city will start a year round program to loan homeowners an induction cooktop. “Induction is used by top chefs and is faster, more efficient, and better than gas,” says Nate Redinbo, the city’s CivicSpark Fellow. 

Homeowners curious about this different style of cooking can try it out risk-free. The cooktop can plug into any traditional wall outlet. Once you sign up using the google form below, a city staff member will be in contact via email or phone, and arrange for a time to pick up the cooktop from City Hall. (If necessary, the city can can drop it off at your home.) Each kit includes a state-of-the-art induction cooktop, a compatible pot and pan, and a magnet, so you can test your own cookware to see if it will work on the cooktop.

You can sign up using this Google form and learn more HERE.

If you have questions about any of these programs, please contact Nate at

One thought on “Curious about induction cooktops? The city will give you a loaner

  1. I have one of these small units and have also used a full sized induction stove. They are OK, but they can’t compare to a gas cooktop. They are impossible to keep clean, the glass top seems to get scratched after one use. Some of your cookware won’t work with them. I have stainless steel pan that worked fine on one induction cooktop, but not another. The temperature is difficult to manage for anything more than basic cooking. It is not “faster” since gas is on, then it’s off. Induction takes a bit to heat and then a fan has to run to cool the unit down. So you trade natural gas for electricity. Greenwashing?

    Please name the “top chefs” who prefer induction cooktops.

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