Heritage Tree nominations end March 19

Eastern Redbud (photo credit Brian Mahany)

The Heritage Tree program is an opportunity for the community to seek out and to recognize the distinctive trees in our urban forest. Nominated trees will be considered based on their aesthetic, educational, or historical merits and must grow on public property, such as parks, medians, and streets. If you previously nominated a special tree that was not chosen, feel free to renominate. 

Row of seven Dawn Redwoods growing along the back of the former quarry in Dracena Park.  (Photo credit: Brian Mahany)

The winning trees will be announced at the Park Commission hearing on April 7 and honored at this year’s virtual Arbor Day celebration on April 30.  To nominate a tree, visit the City’s website (click HERE), and complete the downloadable form.  

For more information, please contact Nancy Kent at nkent@piedmont.ca.gov or 510-420-3064.

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