Who’s that Good Dog?

Carolyn and Mario Alvarado with Kevin, their very mellow, 10-year-old Collie mix

Family: Carolyn and Mario Alvarado

Pet: Kevin

Age: Approximately 10 years old

Breed: Collie mix

Adoption Story: We got him in March of 2018 from the Oakland SPCA where I volunteered at the time. I met him on a Saturday during my shift and we went and got him on Sunday morning. I actually wanted a small female dog but we were looking for an older dog who was pretty mellow and was okay being left by himself and he just fit the bill.  

Likes: He loves snacks, especially french fries from Wendy’s.

Dislikes: He hates water, like rivers, baths, the hose… He didn’t like rain for a long time but he’s gotten over that a bit. 

Interesting Facts: We’ll be walking with him and people will stop or pull over and say, “Oh my God, what a beautiful dog.” It happens all the time, it’s so weird. He’s also very popular with older ladies. Maybe it’s the Collie connection to Lassie.

Anything else? Older dogs are great. We definitely recommend adopting older dogs. We spent a couple hours with a friend who has a puppy and they were going on about all the challenges of puppies and Kevin doesn’t do any of them. We’re lucky that we didn’t have to experience any of that. Kevin also has an Instagram account. You can follow him at @kevinthecollie.

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