Who’s that Good Dog?

Tina with Duke the dachshund

Family: Tina Stott (pictured), Betsy and Nick Perkocha

Pet: Duke

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Dachshund mixed with hound, maybe beagle or basset

Adoption Story: We fostered Duke and his sisters through Hopalong Animal Rescue but we couldn’t part with Duke.

Likes: Running fast and playing chase, his dog friends Olive, Callie, and Nala, his sunny spot on the patio, and playing fetch. He also loves red bell peppers. When I cut one up he comes running from afar.

Dislikes: When the suitcases come out and my daughter Betsy leaves. Also cold and rain.

Interesting Facts: Duke likes to play hide and seek – we hide a toy and when he finds it he gets a treat.

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