Wellness Center hosts discussion series for Black History Month

PUSD’s Wellness Center partnered with PADC to host a series of discussions on the Black experience for students and families. The final one takes place on Feb. 25 from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. online, about the physical manifestations of generational trauma. Click HERE to join with Wellness facilitators: Nic and Jannat.

Earlier events included:

2/4/21 from 7pm – 8pm: Listen to the following PODCAST ahead of time and come together to discuss reactions: Black History Buff podcast features The Little Rock Nine on Spotify, 27 min. With Wellness Facilitators: Laurie and Amy.

2/11/21 from 7pm – 8pm: Self-Care (including self-care through action) with Wellness Facilitators Emma, Lea, and possibly Jannat.

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