Who’s that Good Dog?

Tess Reichle

Family: Flynn Crosby and his mom

Pet: Midge

Age: About 1 year

Breed: Jack russell terrier/chihuahua mix

Adoption Story: I moved in to my parents’ house about a year ago to help my mom take care of my dad. Midge is the pet my mom and I got. She’s really my mom’s dog but I take her to the park several times a week because I live right upstairs. We were on a bunch of listservs for rescue dogs and one would email whenever they had dogs. We would just reply yes to all the ones that were small enough for my mom’s needs, and this is the one we got. We’re in love with her.

Likes: She loves cuddling. We call her a pollinator — she loves to pick up, carry, and drop stuff. She’ll pick up a stick, carry it for a while and then drop it and lose interest. She also likes frisbee, the beach, and bigger dogs.

Dislikes: The only thing she dislikes is when we tell her that she can’t have extra food for dinner.

Interesting Facts: She’s super smart and communicates with us. She has a bunch of facial expressions and different noises she makes that we kind of recognize. She’s also a big burrower. She’ll take a huge blanket that’s way too big for her and try to drag it to just the right spot. Then she’ll go face first into it like an ostrich and bury her face, leaving her whole body still sticking out of the blanket.

Anything else we should know? She’s just the cutest. She’s pretty much happy all the time and smiles a lot.

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