The signs are everywhere

Julie Reichle

This resident showing support for three school board candidates and one city council candidate

From a city email this week:

“The City of Piedmont is reminding residents of the City’s Sign Regulations, which specify the number of signs that can be displayed, and the maximum sizes for signs.

The reminder follows the extremely high level of participation in recent elections, which was exemplified by the variety and quantity of signs placed in yards throughout the city. Now that Election Day has come and gone, the City would like to to raise awareness of the City’s sign regulations. The intent is to ensure that all residents are aware of and comply with the City’s sign regulations now that the campaign season has come to a close.

The City has sign regulations which apply to all signs on residential properties. In compliance court decisions, these rules do not regulate signs on the basis of content. You can find the full text of the sign regulations in City Code Division 17.36. This effort is mainly concerned with signs posted in yards, in windows, and on walls of residential properties. The rules regarding such signs are found in City Code section 17.36.040 and summarized below.

No person may display a sign on a residential parcel unless the sign conforms to the following requirements:

Temporary freestanding noncommercial signs: 
Number:  Maximum of 2 
Size:  Maximum of 4 square feet per sign
Height:  Maximum (including frame) is 4 feet 
Location:  Street yard of a residential parcel, but not in the public right-of-way 
Lighting:  No illumination

Noncommercial window signs:
Number:  Maximum of 2 
Size:  Maximum of 4 square feet per sign 
Location:  Street yard-facing windows 

Campaign Signs:
Residents have the right to post campaign signs on their property. Campaign signs placed on residential parcels shall comply with the same size, height, location, and lighting restrictions applicable to noncommercial signs placed on residential parcels. Any person who posts a campaign sign on private property shall remove the campaign sign within ten days after the day of the election to which it pertains.

A Noncommercial sign means a sign that does not contain a commercial message.

Piedmonters take pride in our community and this awareness drive is meant to gain voluntary compliance with the City’s sign regulations as part of that community spirit. Community members with questions are welcome to contact Planning & Building Director Kevin Jackson at or (510) 420-3050.”

3 thoughts on “The signs are everywhere

  1. Personally I have loved seeing all the signs displayed in windows and front yards over the last few months. From Black Lives Matter signs to teddy bears to rainbows to Giving Campaign placards to national and local campaign signs–these have manifested Piedmonters’ high level of civic and community engagement. Perhaps the City Council should consider changing the sign regulation, which seems the product of a bygone sensibility.

  2. Diane, America was “unattractive” during the last four years of celebrated bigotry, climate change denial and dishonesty. I understand it’s hard for you to see so many BLM signs and Biden Harris signs when your Blue Lives Matter flag and Trump signs were hung with pride on your property, but democracy, although shaken a bit, has prevailed (and my BLM sign will be shown on my property for eternity).

  3. Would be great if the sign regulation could apply to election season as well. Piedmont was so unattractive with the overkill of political signs

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