Letter to the Editor | Center for the Arts is a Piedmont treasure

My name is Valerie Corvin and I am a co-founder of the Piedmont Center for the Arts.  I recently stepped down from the PCA Board to pursue other endeavors, but I served 9 years as program director, visual art program director, and juried art show administrator.  As a board member and with no paid staff, I have put in countless hours at all hours of the day and night to help PCA grow into the City of Piedmont treasure that it is.

The people of Piedmont love PCA. I have been thanked probably a thousand times by people who have attended events at the Center.  Residents truly appreciate having an arts center as part the offerings of City of the Piedmont.  It ranks up there along with the school system and our well-run town.  PCA is a selling point used by many realtors why one should choose to live in our town.  I have been told it is one of the top 5 selling points of Piedmont cited by realtors.  PCA is now part of the fabric of this town.

In this divided time, it is easy to allow a couple of disgruntled voices to overshadow all the good work that PCA has done in the last nine years.  I have heard about the false and unsubstantiated claims being made.  Claims that have motives that are not in the best interest of this town.  I believe that the claims are being put forth for personal reasons or grudges.  Other claims are for personal gain if PCA should be disbanded. 

Now is the time to put negativity and falsehoods aside, have civil dialogue and find ways for the City and the Center to work together for the benefit for all citizens of Piedmont.  I believe that members of the PCA Board are more than ready to work with the City to create policy and accessibility to the building to support the needs of interested groups. 

PCA has been a good tenant and is willing to continue to be a good team player with the City.  The arts are important part of our society and add an important dimension to our lives.  Please renew the PCA lease.

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