Who’s that Good Dog?

Tess Reichle

Katherine Stormer with Cinder

Family: The Stormers — Katherine Stormer, her brother, sister, and their parents

Pet: Cinder

Age: 5 years old

Breed: Miniature poodle

Adoption Story: I was in 7th grade and I really, really wanted a dog but my mom’s allergic so we knew we had to get a poodle because they’re hypoallergenic. My good friend at the time had dogs from a breeder in the San Diego area so I wrote an essay and made a presentation and I convinced my family to get a dog. So we drove down there and got her.

Likes: She likes balls but she really likes my mom. She has very severe separation anxiety with my mom, which is kind of sad but she just loves my mom a lot. She also loves chicken.

Dislikes: Being away from my mother.

Interesting Facts: The breeder had originally planned to keep Cinder but they had to give her up because she’s too timid. She wouldn’t eat because she was scared of the other dogs — she was really skinny when we got her, but no longer.

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