Who’s that Good Dog?

Tess Reichle

Violet Lemley and Moby

Family: Violet Lemley (pictured), sisters Jess and Rita, and their parents

Pet: Moby

Age: About a year and 10 months

Breed: We think a beagle/pitbull/dachsund mix

Adoption Story: We were looking for a dog because of COVID and we also recently moved here so getting a dog was sort of a trade or compensation for that. It was really hard to find a dog because they were getting adopted super quickly during COVID but we found this really small rescue called Jelly’s Place and he was there. I think he was from Mexico and he had been brought here on a Monday and we went on Tuesday and it just kind of worked out.

Likes: He loves, loves apples. He also likes chewing sticks, sleeping a lot, squirrels, and eating. 

Dislikes: He hates vacuums with a passion. 

Anything else we should know? He’s pretty clumsy. He’ll just bump into stuff, it’s pretty cute. He’s a pretty good boy. 

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