Participation is key to Giving Campaign success

Melissa, Emma, and Brandon Bercovich

The Piedmont Education Foundation is pleased to announce that since its September launch the Giving Campaign has raised over $2.1 million for Piedmont schools.

The Giving Campaign Co-Chairs Amelie Kappes, Colleen Allen, and Teebie Saunders are confident that we are on track, as we are two-thirds of the way to this year’s fundraising goal.  With seven more weeks to go, the co-chairs are now focused on participation levels. “Participation levels are indicative of the community’s understanding of the importance of the Giving Campaign,” says Saunders, “The higher our participation rates are, the more we know that people are hearing our message about the importance of school funding.”  Saunders continues, “When I think of the Giving Campaign, I think, ‘Thank Goodness!’ Federal and state funding and local taxes are not enough to educate our children in the way that we need them to be educated. So, thank goodness we have the Giving Campaign.”

Currently, 36% of the parents of PUSD students have made a contribution to the Giving Campaign. Last year, the Giving Campaign achieved a 72% overall participation rate among parents of PUSD students.  One of the Giving Campaign’s stated goals for this year is to exceed last year’s participation number. Bearing that goal in mind, they will be announcing a competition and prizes for the families with the highest parent participation level at each school. Last year the families of 2nd graders led the way with a record 80% participation.  

Brandon Bercovich shares why their family supports the Giving Campaign, “I grew up in Piedmont and as a child, I took for granted all of the extra help and support I got from the Piedmont school system.  As an adult, I understand that it takes the support of the whole community to provide what is needed for our students.  This has been a challenging time for everyone and we have been impressed by what our amazing teachers have been able to accomplish in these unprecedented times. We are providing our support to ensure that our schools can continue to provide the outstanding educational experience we have come to expect.

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