Keeping track of COVID-19 in Piedmont | Fri., Nov. 20

Cases continue to rise steadily around the country, the Bay Area — and here in town. According to the most recent update from the Alameda County Office of Public Health on Nov. 20, total coronavirus cases in Piedmont as of today stood at 61, up from 52 since Monday.

View the complete Alameda County Health dashboard HERE.

2 thoughts on “Keeping track of COVID-19 in Piedmont | Fri., Nov. 20

  1. Maybe the one silver lining for Thanksgiving is that we will have more Bay Area residents tested for covid as risk takers leave for family gatherings. Hopefully they will test again after they return? Please honor health orders and school community agreements in light of the many people making sacrifices to continue working in health care and school settings.

  2. 11/20/2020 Population 2019 est. Cases %
    Albany 19,696 81 0.41%
    Piedmont 10,667 61 0.57%
    Alameda 77,624 585 0.75%
    Pleasanton 81,777 625 0.76%
    Emereyville 12,086 129 1.07%
    Newark 49,149 754 1.53%
    Oakland 433,031 10,133 2.34%

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