“Why I’m Giving Now” videos highlight importance of supporting Giving Campaign

The Piedmont Education Foundation launched a new video series this week.  It features members of our community showing their pride by sharing why it is especially important this year to support our schools with a contribution to the Giving Campaign. As PUSD works diligently toward a safe return to classrooms for our children, our families are rallying behind the teachers and staff by voicing their support for this critical campaign.

With a goal of 100% parent participation, the video series launches just as the Giving Campaign makes a big push for contributions prior to the November 1 lawn sign deadline. Always a fun tradition, lawn signs will be distributed in a few weeks to Piedmont families that make a gift of any amount before the deadline. Donations can be made by check to Piedmont Education Foundation at 401 Highland Ave, or online at PiedmontEdFoundation.org/Donate.

Parent Jean Takazawa shares, “Piedmont is special in a sense that the community comes together.  Especially in this really challenging time I see parents are collaborating with each other and working with the teachers as well.  I see there’s a lot of communication happening between parents and teachers to make this a successful year for our students”. Parents throughout the community echo this sentiment.

Gabe Kessler adds, “when you think about the difference between Piedmont schools and other school districts – the difference is enormous.  A lot of it has to do with families and the resources available that give students and teachers more freedom to explore, to grow…social and emotional development”.

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