Middle schoolers hold Halloween fundraiser for Unicef

Tanuja Karunakar

Rachel Young, Cora Chun, Darcy McKee, and Kalyani Spieckerman

A group of 7th graders raised $610 for Unicef by making Halloween baskets and selling them to the community.

The students — part of a group called ACTS (Action, Community, Technology, Science) — are Kalyani Spieckerman (founder/president), Rachel Young (vice president), Cassie Colby (tech advisor), Elisha Bell (website manager), Abby Cothran (treasurer) and Caleb Canada, Athena Li, Cora Chun, Elias Reed Miguel, Darcy McKee, and Isabelle Myers.

This group started in Elementary school and has grown adding more kids in middle school.

2 thoughts on “Middle schoolers hold Halloween fundraiser for Unicef

  1. Terrific.

    Can’t wait to get my basket – (I know it’s for a great cause but getting to eat a brownie is also a good cause for someone skipping carbs). Seriously proud of the four of you! Congratulation.

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