Letter to the Editor | Future generations will benefit from new pool

I am writing in support of Measure UU. My wife Tami and I have lived in town for 28 years and the Piedmont pool has been in need of a renovation ever since we arrived on the scene in 1992. Our four kids learned to swim in the Piedmont pool and later were able to use it for training while in high school. We feel that a new community pool will not only serve as an important asset to the community, it will also directly benefit the aquatic athletes at Piedmont High School.

Over the years, I have had extensive involvement in many of Piedmont’s public development projects. If Measure UU is approved by over 66.7% of Piedmont voters, I, along with others, look forward to the opportunity for public engagement and input on design, scale, and details. Additionally, before the plans for a new facility are finalized, there must be a careful analysis of the costs. I am supportive of such a process and ask that special attention be paid to the Architecture. 

Tami and I are in full support of this measure and would like future generations to benefit from an updated community pool.

One thought on “Letter to the Editor | Future generations will benefit from new pool

  1. This is a common thread through pro UU letters – fond memories of the pool and the merits of building for the next generation. I share those sentiments – played lots of Marco Polo and hope to play again with grand kids. But I also have memories of smokeless summers, temperatures below 90 and decent snow. The proposed design triples GHG output and just adds to the global warming that future generations will face. Proponents should explain how this pool will be carbon neutral by 2050, a principal objective of the city’s Climate Action Plan.

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